Test Your Sales X-Factor: How Memorable are You and Your Presentation?

Fact: Most complex sales are not decided with you in the room.

Decision-makers may not get together for days or weeks to discuss your proposal, and they are likely to see many other presentations in the mean time. How can you be certain that you and your message remain top-of-mind after you walk out the […]

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7 Quick Acting Tips for Sales Pros

Most actors have to audition for every role.  In fact, even Marlon Brando had to audition for his iconic role in The Godfather.  Although he was a very successful actor at that point in his career, there were a lot of qualified actors competing for the part.  He knew he couldn’t go in and […]

How to Gain Instant Credibility in Your Presentation or Demo with the Movie Critic Principle

Thousands of movie-goers rely on reviews from people they’ve never met to guide them before shelling out hard cash for a movie. We are willing to trust the opinion of a disinterested third-party, whether it’s a website like Flixter or Rotten Tomatoes, or a newspaper or magazine, because they, like us, have no personal […]

YOU are The Weakest Link. How to Stop Sabotaging Your Sales.

“You are the weakest link!,” the catch-phrase from the BBC’s popular game show, The Weakest Link was sharply followed by the word “Goodbye” from the blunt, no-nonsense host, Anne Robinson. What does this have to do with you or sales? In sales, there are several links in the chain that make up your role […]

June 14th, 2014||

The ONE Thing You Must Do in your Web Presentation or Demo

Bad news: Your attempts to spice up your web presentation or demonstration by chatting or polling or drawing on the screen won’t make much of a difference UNLESS, you change this one thing. Ready? Here it is:

Adjust Your Style

What do I mean by this? You certainly already are adjusting your content to fit each […]

Catch a Cue: The Actor’s Secret to Better Listening in Sales

A lot of what acting is, is paying attention. ~ Robert Redford
Just between you and me: Have you ever  jumped in to finish a prospect’s sentence because you thought you knew what he was going to say? How about rushing in to address an objection before it’s even fully out of a prospect’s mouth?  Have […]

May 31st, 2014||

7 Tips for Sales Storytelling Success

Like a great movie, a great sales story can change the minds and hearts of audiences, differentiate you and your solution and inspire action in a way that information alone simply can not.  A poorly crafted or executed story can cost you credibility, attention and ultimately the sale.  With so much at stake, it […]

Tina Fey’s Rules of Improv for Sellers

“Start with a Yes and see where that takes you.”
Tina Fey
I’m a big Tina Fey fan and her book Bossypants didn’t disappoint. Not only is it a fun, insightful glimpse behind the SNL cameras, it also shines a light one of the cardinal rules of improv that has a lot of application for anyone […]

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The Sitcom Secret to Winning Larger Deals

Kelsey Grammer was initially cast in just six episodes of Cheers.  Chandler Bing’s” annoyingly nasal girlfriend on Friends, “Janice?” Cast in a single episode.

Have you ever received a small role in a customer’s business when you were hoping for the lead? After you finished mumbling about the unfairness of it all, what did you do? Did you […]

May 5th, 2014||

Brrr…Why your Cold Calls are Colder than they need to be! (VIDEO TIP)

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