Find Your Inner Zombie: Sales Advice from The Walking Dead

It’s not easy to become a zombie.  Every year thousands of people audition for a chance to play a zombie on TV’s hit series, The Walking Dead.  Once they make it through the initial casting process they are enrolled in “zombie” school (yes, it’s a real thing) where they will learn what it takes […]

October 28th, 2014||

An Actor’s Secret for Getting in a Selling State of Mind

“I’ve always considered myself to be just average talent and what I have is a ridiculous insane obsessiveness for practice and preparation.” Will Smith

It’s no secret that a focused and positive mindset in sales creates focused and positive results. Learning how to let go of negativity and get in an ideal state of mind […]

How to apply the Challenger Sale…when you’re not a challenger

“I don’t accept the status quo. I do accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.” Stephen Colbert

I’m a fan of The Challenger Sale – despite the fact that the book came out the same year as mine (2011) and promptly soared past me. If you’re not familiar with the book or the premise, authors Matt […]

Screenwriting Tips for Sellers: 5 Elements you Must Have to Move a Prospect to Action

Like a well-crafted movie or television show, a successful salesperson must grab a prospect’s attention, pique their interest and establish an emotional connection in order to move them to action.  Screenwriters know that there are 5 dramatic elements that must be present in order to engage and move audiences.  Make sure you can identify […]

How to Own the Sales Stage with your Presentation or Demo

“Work is theater and every business a stage.”  The Experience Economy, Gilmore and Pine.

Whether your stage is a computer screen or a conference room, if you can’t earn and hold your prospect’s attention with complete conviction and confidence, you are not likely to move them to action or close many sales.

As an actor I […]

Take me to your leader. Enlisting the help of gatekeepers to get in front of decision-makers

The odds of reaching a decision-maker on your first attempt can be greater than hitting the winning lottery numbers. Chances are you will either 1) end up in voice mail, or 2) speak to someone who will politely inform you that the decision-maker is unavailable but will take a message for them – or […]

Sales Presentation Role Play #2: Your Ending. Good, Bad or just Ugly?

September 3rd, 2014||

How to Break Out of “Presenter Mode”

                                                                                                                  Illustration courtesy of
In business, most people (and salespeople are no exception) don’t speak with as much energy or personality as they do in their personal lives. They tend to flatten or smooth things out and tamp down the good and the bad news alike. Telling a prospect you’re going to […]

Sound Authentic with a Sales Script? Yes You Can with The Actors Toolbox

Can you guess the most common question I was asked when I was an actor? It was this: “How do you memorize all of those lines?” But the tougher question is really, “How do you make other people’s words sound like your own…performance after performance?”

This is a challenge for both actors and for salespeople, […]

What do buyers really want? Find out with the Actor’s “Magic IF”

“I’m curious about other people. That’s the essence of my acting. I’m interested in what it would be like to be you.” ~ Meryl Streep
The ability to understand what buyers really want is critical to targeting your message and connecting, yet most of us never get past the facts and figures. Since most buying […]